persian to english translation online

persian to english translation online

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Persian language

Learn the Persian language by using our free Persian to English translation service.

Knowing Persian language gives you the ability to easily travel and communicate in Persian speaking countries. Learning another language gives people the ability to step inside the mind and context of that other culture. People who don't know foreign languages are bound to use free translation services on the Internet, which basically provide draft translations, or have to refer to the professional Persian translator. If you speak the Persian language, you will be able to easily translate Persian, communicate with people in Persian while traveling, help your kids doing Persian translation for the homework, and use the Persian language in your job.

English language

English is West Germanic language brought to Britain in the 5th Century AD by Germanic settlers from various parts of northwest Germany. Historically, English originated from the fusion of languages and dialects, called Old English, with the word 'English' being derived from the name of the Angles. The language was further influenced by the Old Norse language with Viking invasions in the 8th and 9th century. A significant number of English words are constructed based on roots from Latin, because Latin in some form was the lingua franca of the Christian Church and of European intellectual life.