professional persian to english translation

professional persian to english translation

Professional Persian Translation Services

Persian Translation Services

The Persian language qualifies in the top three of the most globally spoken languages. Chinese and English are the only languages ahead of Persian. Interestingly enough, by a significant ratio, the demand for Persian translation beats the demand for Chinese and other widely spoken languages. With the United States being as diverse, big businesses must keep up with the flux in population. No longer are the days for English-based initiatives to satisfy the demands of globalized markets.

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Over 34 million people speak Persian just in the United States. So corporations are evolving to be more multilingual to keep up with their competition. This can be an intimidating challenge, but there´s no need to worry.  We have the expertise and resources to help your company enhance its international communication and enter into a new, prosperous territory.

Persian-speaking Markets

Persian to English and English to Persian technical translations represent important roles for corporations doing business in Persian-speaking markets. Persian is a continuously growing idiom. According to recent research, you will find more speakers of Persian than those whose first language is English. Companies taking advantage of communicating with their target markets in their first language has several advantages over competitors when they use our business translations.

Although the Royal Persian Academy is in charge of overseeing the Persian language, many varieties of the language exist today. The main ones being: Mexican Persian, Persian spoken by Hispanics in the United States, Spaniard Persian and Latin America Persian (also know as LATAM).

Increase Your Market Size – Knock Down the Language Barrier

Becoming a multilingual company is advantageous for many reasons, such as, maintaining a professional image that is sensitive to the diversity and obtaining more clients. 34 million patrons represent many potential clients, and your business should not let something like a language barrier stop you from appealing to that population. Latin America, USA and Mexican Persian varieties available so you can target the right market with your translations.

The Translation Company will knock down that language barrier and get your company on the road to make transactions that are more effective. We will open up for you the possibility of becoming an international company. Many documents now require Persian to English and English to Persian translation services.

In these cases, we can offer you very reliable Persian translation services provided by our native Persian translators, who know of the changing nature of the language. These native Persian-speaking translators provide accurate Persian to English translations and English to Persian translations because they have a natural understanding for the language.

Translators          Certified

Certified and Field-specialized Translators

Want to know exactly who will translate that important legal document you need for that important legal case? No problem! We will be happy to share more about our team and the qualifications of the professionals who will work on your English to Persian or Persian to English translation project.

Our certified translators are trained for corporations in the legal field, medical, technical field, and financial services. Looking into translation your Employee Handbook into Persian?

The Translation Company provides professional Persian translation services. Our certified Persian translators assure consistent corporate-grade translation services.  We specialize in different areas of Persian translations: legal, business, financial, manufacturing, engineering, medical, pharma, and technical. Our services are preferred by US corporations and clients worldwide. Over 40 countries count on our Persian translation services. Their success is our testimony. We guarantee you will be fully satisfied with your Persian translation and the premium price you will receive for our reputable products.